Wine Maturation Technology


We amplify Nature’s aging progress letting you create mature wines ain a fraction of the time


Nature and tech in flow

Accuro Features

Our technology can be used in barrels or tanks and at any stage of the process:
  • Real-time data
  • Control over your phone/PC
  • Patented membrane and Active Float system for uniform and direct contact ox oxygen with wine
  • Deliver O2 in very any tanks size, even barrels, without O2 loss or hyper-oxidation
  • Individual channel control
  • Is easy to use
  • Is extremely portable
  • Villa Maria Testimonial
    “The versatility and ease of use has been very impressive. It has proved to be useful in all steps of the winemaking process from primary fermentation of white wines to maturation of our reds. It has delivered great results with cleaning up reduction and softening the palate.” – Tom Dixon, Winemaker
  • Fox Creek Testimonial
    “Accuro did a great job of speeding up the process of maturation. It enables the producer to get wines ready for bottle earlier than if the wine had not undergone any treatment.” – Ben Tanzar, Fox Creek Wines
  • Sacred_Hill_testimonial_for_Accuro
    “Accuro represents a step-change in maturation technology… it produces a better result – a rounder, softer, richer mouth-feel.” – Tony Bish, Chief Winemaker
  • City & Country
    ‘Amazing intuitive setup & app. Easily controlled & monitored. The wines progressed quickly & flavours appreciated very well. The team is impressed!’ – Chris Fodor, Owner
  • Auburn-James
    “Accuro was beyond expectations. It was excellent. It did everything we needed it to do. In 8 months we achieved an 18+ month barrel program. Which is just outstanding.” – Jon Frost, Associate Winemaker
  • WX Brands Testimonial
    “Accuro is a superb tool for progressing wines in the cellar. Setup is very simple, and the support team is responsive and proactive. The device is a micro-ox bargain and its design offers a more flexible approach to the process.” – Matthew Shuplock, Winemaker