Aussie ag investors supporting Accuro’s drive for investment

Editor’s note: The quotes in this post have been reproduced from an article with the kind permission of evokeAG.

Accuro technology a ‘game changer’
for lowering production costs

We’ve had some good press lately from Aussie ag heavy hitters AgriFutures Australia. Their evokeAG. arm – which highlights innovation, startups, researchers and connects with investors – did a brilliant piece on us recently focusing on our innovation and promoting our latest funding round to its interested investors. They also talked to some of our happy customers too:

The oxygenation system has been dubbed a “game changer” by Chapel Hill Winery’s winemaker, Bryn Richards, who said,

There is a huge amount of romance and tradition around winemaking but for wines of a certain style, size and volume the benefits of taking the oak barrels out of the equation are pretty compelling.” 

Photo courtesy of Chapel Hill Winery
Photo courtesy of Chapel Hill Winery

Bryn also had a lot to say about how the Accuro units had also helped Chapel Hill make savings across the board; ‘Oak is a massive labour cost, every four or five months you have to empty the wine out, wash all the barrels, turn them over, refill them and that’s very labour intensive. And if you’re using older oak, it doesn’t matter how good your cleaning regime – oak is a natural material and over time the wood grain starts to harbor bacteria and undesirable kinds of yeasts, which can all affect the finished product.”

“To put some hard numbers around that. A 50,000-litre tank using Accuro costs $2,500 a year to run and that’s labour, oxygen cylinders, Accuro subscription and wine loss. In oak, the equivalent would be 166 hogsheads (300 litres each) and between the labour of emptying, washing and refilling those 166 barrels plus the evaporation loss, the cost would be $12,420 a year. That’s not including costs such as running the forklifts for lifting the barrels, energy, barrel maintenance and water. To wash 166 barrels three times takes around 45,000 litres of water. We run at least 300,000 litres of wine annually using Accuro so we’re saving around 270,000 litres of water.”

Tom Dixon, winemaker of Villa Maria Wines, has also found our technology serving as a valuable tool:

Image courtesy of Villa Maria Wines
Image courtesy of Villa Maria Wines

It has delivered great results with cleaning up reduction and softening the palate. The versatility and ease of use has been very impressive, and it has proved to be useful in all steps of the winemaking process from primary fermentation of white wines to maturation of our reds.”

The evokeAG. Startup Program

Accuro (then Wine Grenade) was a participant in the 2019 evokeAG. Startup Program, and is still regarded as a valuable member of the evokeAG. alumni. The evokeAG. Startup Program is designed to build the capacity of startups in the global agrifood tech ecosystem and provides a platform for founders to share their stories, and showcase their agritech solutions for global agricultural challenges. Applications for their 2022 Startup Program open on Monday, 4 October, 2021 and close on Monday, 25 October, 2021.

If you’re interested in reading the whole evokeAG. article, you can find it here.

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