Introducing Accuro

Introducing Accuro

Accuro: it’s the most advanced, portable
and easy to use oxygenation


Oxygen, as you know, is critical to a healthy ferment and in maturing your wine or spirit. That’s why at Accuro we’ve devised a complete oxygenation system that not only improves maturation but also catches fermentation issues before they can cause you any problems.

Our system can be used across multiple tanks or barrels and at any stage of your process. Sparging, macro-oxygenation or micro-oxygenation – all in one unit and controlled over your phone.
Comprised of a lightweight, portable oxygenation unit, sensor and backed up with comprehensive data collection and analysis, our system amplifies nature, allowing you to mature your wines and spirits in a fraction of the time.

Ferment Health

What it does

  • Improves ferment health
  • Improves speed to market
  • Integrates oak
  • Reduces reductive aromas
  • Integrate and stabilize colour
  • Use in multiple barrels or tanks

How it works

NextGen Unit

Our lunchbox-sized NextGen unit is
installed anywhere in your winery.

  • Patented silicone membrane
    ensures the most gentle, even
    distribution of oxygen
  • Independently controlled
  • Large range of rates (micro,
    macro, sparge)
  • Portable, lightweight
  • Control over phone / PC
  • Wi-Fi connected
  • View data in real-time
  • Adaptive algorithm feeds off of 140,000 data points a day, ensure the rate you set is exactly the rate you get
  • Self-testing and self-diagnosing ensuring any issues with the device are detected

ORP REDOX Micro oxygenation fermentation sensor

Independent Sensor Unit

View in real time the oxidative reductive-
potential (ORP) of your
ferment or wine.

  • Spot trouble ferments early
    enough to intervene
  • Monitor aeration effectiveness
  • Low ORP (reductive) is spotted right away, allowing you to
    remedy by adding precise amounts of oxygen
  • Wi-Fi connected
  • View data in real-time
  • Probe is completely
    submersible, or mountable
  • No power close by? No worries. Built to last 35 days on a single charge


If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line.



Dr Mark Eltom CEO

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